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Most beautiful beaches in Aruba

Updated: Apr 13, 2020

When it comes to crystal white sandy beaches and turquoise blue waters, Aruba has it all. Some of the most beautiful beaches in the world can be found on Aruba, including the famous Palm Beach. When you are vacationing in Aruba here are some of the beaches in Aruba that cannot be missed..

Photo courtesy of Aruba Tourism Authority

Palm Beach

Palm Beach is home to some of the best beach bars on the island and great for swimming, sunbathing, sailing, fishing, and snorkeling. This stretch of white sand is located just 750 yards from Merlot Villas. As you walk along the shore through the lush gardens of the beachfront resorts, watch the birds and iguanas, and stop for a cold tropical drink at one of the many bars. At Palm Beach you will find several places where you can easily rent beach chairs and parasols.

Arashi Beach

At just a few minutes drive you will find the calm surf and sandy bottom of Arashi Beach, one of Aruba's best swimming sites, near the California Lighthouse at the island's northwestern tip. Arashi Beach is ideal for snorkeling or sunbathing while watching pelicans fish. Few of the smaller beaches have facilities other than a shade hut (palapa) or two, so if you venture afar for privacy, bring your own cooler and gear. 

Eagle Beach

Eagle Beach is across a small road from the low-rise hotels and several timeshare resorts. The wide beach, sugar-white sand and gentle surf are ideal for swimming. The ambience is relaxed and quiet. You will find several places to rent beach chairs and a couple of bars maintained by the hotels. Shaded picnic areas are provided for the public, and the beach is popular with tourists and locals alike on weekends. 

Mangel Halto

Between Oranjestad and Savaneta half way between Palm Beach and Baby beach, lies Mangel Halto. It is a stunning snorkel site and its white-powder sand and shallow water are additional enticements for Aruban families, especially on weekends. The mangroves grow on the shoreline, creating small sandy beaches, which lead their way to the shallow waters rich in sea life. Mangel Halto is approximately a 30 minutes drive from Merlot Villas. 

Baby Beach

Baby Beach, near Aruba's easternmost tip, is a prime destination for families with young children. The powdery sand and shallow bowl of warm turquoise water is perfect for inexperienced swimmers, thanks to the protection of rock break waters. Giant sea grape bushes and palapas offer protection from the sun. At Baby Beach you will find Big Momma's Grill a Flintstone themed place that is a full service restaurant, including bar.

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